Friday, August 01, 2008

Baptism or Descent...

William Schimmel - Accordion Revisited

I purchased this album when I worked at the, er, not-so-vanished (see comments below) Melody Records in Washington DC. Brilliant from first pump 'n' squeeze to valedictory wheeze...

(Finnadar 90234-1 LP, 1984; out of print; ripped from the original vinyl, with some surface imperfections removed digitally.)


01 Rondo (Otto Luening)
02 Tientos (Max Lifchitz)
03 Fables (William Schimmel)
04 Cooper Square (Wallingford Reigger)
05 Iridescent Rondo (Henry Cowell)
06 Accordio Clustervilles (Patrick Hardish)
07 Pavana and Rondo (Carlos Surinach)
08 Accord (Eric Salzman)

William Schimmel - accordion


(106 MB, ripped @ 320.)



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