Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Slo-Mo Collision of Foam Slugs Traveling at Minimal Velocity...

TLASILA - Jocy de Oliveira vs. Matt Munro

Here's an oblique rendering - a Brazilian soft-avantrix poised against the buttery bulwark of a sweater-sheathed UK pop apparatchik. Neither can be faulted on their note-perfect tone, but the overall effect of this fusion is oddly noisome. (I blame George Martin.)

Oh well, back to Butlins Recife.


(Four tracks, 22.6 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Sorry to have to put you through this,


I Smell You at the Ox Bow Pool...

TLASILA - Blowfly vs. David Toop (et al.)

Wherein Monsieur Reid's 1976 treatise Oldies But Goodies takes the piss out of (or, rather, urinates into the yawning maw of) the Toop-curated (and unfortunately titled) '07 compilation Sound/Scape: Ecology, Luxury, Degradation.

Sybarites, start your medieval marital implements! (But be careful to follow strict Dogma 69 recording guidelines!)


(Four fleeting tracks, 14.8 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Without your pussy I can't live on the Clarkdale slag heap,


(Note: the cover of B'fly's Oldies album is fairly dire, so I've replaced its with the far more evocative Weird World of... sleeve. Hope you aren't too offended.)

NRA Pedophilia: Rush-Release Today via KSV!

(Amended 23 Feb 18.) Hi Droogs, The debut EP by Birmingham, Alabama's NRA Pedophilia  has just been issued by Karl Schmidt ...