Sunday, July 01, 2007

I'll Lower Neither Myself Nor This Blog by Writing "Go Flux Yourself!"

(Post-dated for your acute pancreatitis...)

Henning Christiansen - Fluxyl (Musik Essayistik)

(1984, Borgen Records HC 04 LP.)

Side A

101 Kong Frost (König Frost)

(Concerto for Oboe and Real Sound, Op. 147 - composed Jan. '82)

Side B

201 Maskemåned (Maskemonat)

(Concerto for Trumpet, Tuba and Real Sound, Op. 148 - composed Feb. '82)



Bjørn Carl Nielsen - oboe

Svend Åge Mott - trumpet

Hans Anderson - tuba

Ulla Hougaard and Sven Aage Jensen - sound


Cover: two-color print, design: Henning Christiansen. 30cm, 33RPM, 1984, Borgen Records, Valby, Denmark, No. ISBN 87-418-7146-4. Contents: Kong Frost (König Frost). Maskemåned (Maskemonat).

(91 MB, ripped from the original vinyl version at 320 kbps, and archived to zip.)

Download it here.




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