Sunday, June 24, 2007

TLASILA > Evanston / Northwestern University > WNUR > 9 May 07 > Vidcaps

Below please find screengrabs from the video of our May 9th recording session at Northwestern University's WNUR-FM. In the eight years between Kill Misty and our current, collectivized incarnation, much has changed at the station, and all for the better. They've moved from a claustrophobic warren of carpeted cells into much more spacious digs. (The converted television sound stage nearly contained my ego!)

It was the most successful session date of the tour - fifteen minutes in and done.

Corresponding video has been posted at our MySpace page; a second segment may be found within the YouTube hive.



On Sicko...

I've had a pre-release screener of Michael Moore's forthcoming documentary Sicko for a couple of weeks now, but I hadn't watched it until this evening.

(The film's first sequence features an unemployed, uninsured gent named Adam repairing an injury to his person...)

Technically it's rather mid-level, on a par with Ladybugs, The Omega Code, or a Tae Bo cassette.

It matters not, of course. The film is a lacerating indictment of our "health care system," and a rallying cry for participatory democracy. Excellent from start to final fade...

A.O. Scott wrote this critique of Moore's latest, much-needed polemic in Thursday's New York Times.

Variety's Alissa Simon filed this review of Sicko from Cannes in mid-May.

(The title frame.)

Naturally, CNN bumped Mr. Moore from his scheduled Wednesday night slot on Larry King's program to accommodate the recently homeless Paris Hilton interview... Priorities are in order.