Monday, February 19, 2007

INC / Rapidshare Gripes...


Just in from the final day of the INC.

I'm fried.

Saturday's 14-hour (!) onslaught left everyone glazed... Costes' fest-closing performance of Little Birds Shit raised the bar for frenetic disquisitions of American malaise a thousandfold. Phenomenal...

I'm so proud to be in a motley lil' combo with Rat - brilliant execution, ya freak. His INC makes the other, more prominent festivals pale by comparison. Not kidding one iota... Vortices of sound, blurred, collapsed, subsumed, a continuous ravishment and betrayal of mood, meter, and motive. Outstanding.


Apologies for dragging some of you into the Raipdshare morass - it's convenient for me, as I have an account. I'll post the next few archival uploads via EasyShare (or whatever the Hell it's called), and gauge your feedback afterwards.

More Tomorrow,


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