Monday, July 25, 2016

Holo Sounds 2

The Holo Sounds 2 festival kicks off this Thursday at the Artur Boskamp Stiftung in Hohenlockstedt. Day 1 will be devoted to workshops and symposia, Days Zwei e Tres to music, and Day 4.0001, presumably, to hangover research. I'll be straight keelhaulin on the 29th as T/SMS. Looking forward to peeping my pervs 1115 as well. This will be one hectic blank slate!



Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hallo, Greetz, Buongiorno!

Dear Droogz,

I've been working since January to restore the lost Karl Schmidt Verlag archive, and have been tremendously aided in this endeavor by primo aesthetes and avid collectors Bruno Bissonnette and Michael Bruns. Bruno's done most of the heavy lifting, contributing rips of nearly 100 previously lost KSV titles. Michael offered a box of 75 discs (and both USB releases), but I already had about 50 of them in my own stash. His efforts were much appreciated, however, as he owned hard-to-find alternate editions and DVD bonus materials that were wiped when the old master hard drive died in March 2015. Robert West (aka Horseshoe Bob, from KSV 060!) has also come forward with an offer of assistance, and we'll be chatting soon.

As of today, 80% of the archive has been restored.

The label has been revived - we'll have new releases next week - and all the albums we're able to access from the 2009-2015 run will be uploaded for free to KSV Bandcamp.

Sixty-nine albums are already there. Grab what you need. This weekend we added KSV 063 Screwdriver (sic) - Skewed Plural, KSV 064 Minimal Man / Peach of Immortality - Hardart Gallery, Washington, DC, November 16, 1984, and a new release, KSV 403 Hairian Nation - Double-Wide Klonvocation, my remix of the audio feed from all four days of the Republican National Shitshow.

Hope you're well.



Friday, March 25, 2016

Merkwürdig Riechen: "Kommissionslager" C-40 Available NOW!

(Amended 28 Mar 16.)

Merkwürdig Riechen began in early 2012 and flourished for two years. We died as spontaneously as we began. In retrospect, this seems to have been the best possible outcome. We released eleven albums, including three 2xCD sets and 2013's quadruple imposition I, Career Fungoid (Pt. 2). Many of you bought them, but the outside world had almost no idea, as KSV did no press or promo (as was always its/our intent).

We were pretty fucking great.

Kommissionslager, a top-down rework of our more formal 2013 studio release Extispicium, is our final release. It's available now.

€11 postpaid worldwide to tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.

Merkwürdig Riechen - Kommissionslager (BHO 09, C-40)

Andreas Brüning: bass and treatments
Luke Calzonetti: sequencer and drum machine
Tom Smith: voice, electronics, edit, mix and production

Mastered by Willi Dammeier at the Institut, Hannover.

Side A

101 Kommissionslager (Pt. 1) (15:24)

Side B

201 Kommissionslager (Pt. 2) (16:51)

Composed and performed by Merkwürdig Riechen.

c+p 2016 MR / BHO.

Note: you can listen to my preview edit (segments from each of Kommissionslager's two parts blended together) at TS/Shave/KSV Soundcloud.